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Workshop Leader: Emily Scott

Workshop Leader: Emily Scott

Workshop Title: “The Discomforting Table: The Power of Table Practice to Nurture Justice Making.”

Before leading Saturday Eucharist, Emily Scott will conduct a workshop during the two repeated sessions Saturday.

“The world begins at a kitchen table,” writes poet Joy Harjo. Perhaps the revolution begins at the table too. Emily Scott, former and founding pastor of St. Lydia’s Dinner Church in Brooklyn, will share stories drawn from eight years sharing a “sacred meal” around the tables and St. Lydia’s. What does it mean when communion is a meal, cooked with human hands, and shared at the tables? How does it change our experience of the Eucharist, and our relationship to hunger? At the table, the St. Lydia’s community developed a set of practices that equipped them to turn toward their neighbors, build relationships across boundaries, and work together for justice.

This workshop will explore the power of practice in forming a justice-focused congregation, and how these practices might be explored in a wide variety of church settings, like yours!

Emily Scott

Emily Scott

Emily is a Lutheran pastor (ELCA). Emily is committed to building communities of faith that dismantle fear and hate, affirm LGBTQ people, and confront racial injustice.

From 2008-2017, Emily served as the founding pastor of St. Lydia’s, a Dinner Church in Brooklyn, where communion is shared at the dinner table. After saying goodbye to this beloved congregation, Emily is traveling the country, working on a writing project, and listening for God’s call!

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