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I’m ready to shop for CARITAS! This link goes to an Amazon wish list where you can have a direct and meaningful impact on people in our community by purchasing items for their apartments. Just click the link, add to your cart, and checkout. Thank you!

CARITAS has been serving men and women in crisis for more than 30 years. We work specifically with adult men and women–the hardest to serve and often those with the most significant barriers to housing, work, and more.  Over the past three decades, CARITAS’s services have expanded beyond shelter and into workforce development and substance use recovery services. In all of our programs, we have been able to serve both men and women, with the exception of The Healing Place for Men, our long-term residential recovery. As you know, CARITAS is working to open the CARITAS Center, where we will open The Healing Place for Women.

This is important for many reasons. For starters, women in our community have nowhere to turn when they need recovery services at no cost. The need for such services is growing. For example, while the number of men who overdose remains higher than that of women, the rate of increase since 2010 is much higher for women: 237% for men and 400% for women.

A key component of the CARITAS Center are our sober-living apartments. In these apartments, women transition from our programs to a self-sufficient life. They will gain employment, save money, live sober and plan their futures. We need your help filling our transitional apartments for these women as they complete the long-term recovery program and prepare for a life of hope.
Help us by filling the apartments with items on our Amazon wishlist. It’s like a registry. Each item is for the apartments have been skillfully selected by our interior design firm Flourish Spaces and our long-time staff who are experts and serving men and women in need.

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