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WomanKindness 2018 Project

WomanKindness 2018 Project

Everyone should have access to good, quality, healthy food. But for those living in Richmond’s food deserts, it’s not that simple.

Tricycle, Richmond’s leading urban agriculture nonprofit organization, is on a mission to grow a healthy future through urban agriculture. Since breaking ground on its first garden, Tricycle has engaged thousands of neighbors and shown that the simple act of growing food is an incredibly powerful way to impact the overall health of our community.

During WomanKind2018, held Feb. 23-24 at St. James’s Episcopal Church, women of all faiths will come together to be transformed by communion with each other in the sharing of holy conversations and holy meals as part of the weekend’s theme “Lift Up Your Hearts! The Transformative Power of Word and Table.”

We’ll also come together to lift up our neighbors through WomanKindness, a feature of the event that offers tangible support to a community in need. Tricycle will serve as the focus of WomanKindness this year. We will offer support for their mission, but in turn, will gain an appreciation for the sacredness of cooking and sharing a healthy meal.

Real Food Real Simple class photoWomanKind has partnered with Tricycle to stock the kitchens of participants in the Real Food Real Simple program, a collaboration between Tricycle and Bon Secours. The classes teach the fundamentals of cooking and basic nutrition to Richmond women living in food deserts with a special focus on residents living in public housing.

While many of the class participants are on federal assistance and receive funds for grocery shopping, they lack funds to purchase the equipment they need to cook healthy meals. Go to the WomanKind 2018 wish list to purchase an item (or two!) to help stock their kitchens.

WomanKind2018 keynote speakers include The Rev. Neichelle R. Guidry of Trinity United Church of Christ on the South Side of Chicago and the creator of shepreaches, a virtual community and professional development organization that aspires to uplift African-American millennial women in ministry, and Sara Miles, author of “Take This Bread: A Radical Conversion” and former Director of Ministry at St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in San Francisco. The Rev. Emily Scott, founding pastor of St. Lydia’s, a Dinner Church in Brooklyn, will lead Saturday’s service.

Hundreds of women have already purchased their tickets to WomanKind 2018. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to join them! Register by February 15th.

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