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WomanKindness: Help Hilliard House

Through WomanKind, we come together to grow in faith and service, and to gain strength from our community.  In order to exercise these principles, WomanKind includes an opportunity to support Hilliard House—a local nonprofit that provides transitional housing to homeless mothers and their children. WomanKind has set a goal of supplying FIFTEEN rooms at Hilliard House with basic necessities.

Upon moving in to Hilliard House, each family gets a private bedroom and bathroom.  The room is supplied with basic necessities like sheets and towels that the family keeps when they move on to permanent housing.  

Helping to give a mother and her children basic supplies as they start a new life is as easy as ordering from a Target gift registry (instructions below).  In addition to Target registry items, donations of blankets in like-new condition are also welcome. Donations will be accepted in the St. James Narthex on Sunday mornings from January 12th through February 9th, as well as at the conference February 7th and 8th.

The WomanKind experience promises to inspire us to be stronger and kinder as individuals, and as a community. Join us in offering ‘WomanKindness’ to the residents of Hilliard House.

To learn more about Hilliard House, visit or attend the Sunday Forum this Sunday January 12th at 10:15 in St. James’s Parkinson Room.

Questions?  Email:

Directions for Using the Target List:

You may shop online or in store.  If online, when checking out you can choose to have the item(s) shipped to you and bring it to St. James’s, or you can select ‘Ship to Cristi’ to have the item sent directly to Cristi Head, the volunteer coordinator for this WomanKind outreach effort.  Here is a link to the Target List:

If you wish to shop in a Target store, visit the registry kiosk, click on “Target Lists” and search for the organization name “Womankind.”  Print your list, shop, and be sure to show your checkout attendant your list so he/she can mark off your purchases on the master list.

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