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The theme of WomanKind 2020 is Fearless Women of Faith and the art exhibition will broadly look to this theme for inspiration.

Fearless women, women of faith–they are brave, heroic, plucky, unafraid. They lead, they inspire, they rise up, they break down, they break through. When you think of women like this, who comes to mind and what are ways to celebrate or symbolize a fearless woman of faith, past or present?

  • Are there landscapes or spaces, real or imagined, where women of faith have trod?

  • Are there objects that remind you of a woman who was fearless in the way she approached her life and took her place in this world?

  • Are there impressions of women, events, or accomplishments by people whose legacy made a difference to you in some way?

  • Does the strength of a faithful woman move through your mind and heart in abstractions of colors and sensations?

  • Does a figural work or portrait best portray your connection with a fearless woman–someone you’ve known or imagined?

There are so many ways to interpret the theme of WomanKind 2020! We hope you’ll consider participating in this exhibition which is open to all artists, working in all genres and styles of two-dimensional art.

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