WomanKindness 2018 Project

Everyone should have access to good, quality, healthy food. But for those living in Richmond’s food deserts, it’s not that simple. Tricycle, Richmond’s leading urban agriculture nonprofit organization, is on a mission to grow a healthy future through urban agriculture. Since breaking ground on its first garden, Tricycle has engaged thousands of neighbors and shown […]

WomanKind2018 Overview

St. James’s Episcopal Church announces WomanKind2018, an engaging, two-day women’s program symposium to be held February 23-24, 2018, hosted by and at St. James’s and open to all women. In a period of fracture and discord, both local and guest speakers contribute to this year’s poignant and timely theme, “Lift Up Your Hearts! The Transformative […]

Workshop Leader: Emily Scott

Workshop Title: “The Discomforting Table: The Power of Table Practice to Nurture Justice Making.” Before leading Saturday Eucharist, Emily Scott will conduct a workshop during the two repeated sessions Saturday. “The world begins at a kitchen table,” writes poet Joy Harjo. Perhaps the revolution begins at the table too. Emily Scott, former and founding pastor of […]

Workshop Leaders: Elaine Ellis Thomas & Brenda Brown-Grooms

Workshop Title: “Hate Has No Home Here: Proclaiming God’s Word in the Public Sphere” When waves of white supremacists, white nationalists, and Ku Klux Klan descended on Charlottesville in the summer of 2017, it took a broad cross-section of the community, including faith leaders, to plan and execute the counter protests. People came together across age, […]

Workshop Leaders: Martha Rollins & Danita Rountree Green

Workshop Title: “Coming To The Table: Having the Clumsy, Courageous Conversation on Race“ Inspired by the vision of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in his “I Have a Dream” speech that one day “the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the […]

Workshop Leader: The Very Rev. Phoebe A. Roaf

Workshop Title: “The Heart of the Matter:  Examining Jeremiah’s Understanding of God’s Justice and Judgment” The Old Testament prophet Jeremiah lived during a period of great upheaval in Israel’s history.  He experienced the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple, a time of intense suffering for his people.  While Jeremiah lamented the sinfulness of his generation, […]

Workshop Leader: The Rev. Dana Corsello

Workshop Title: “The Body, the Blood, the Intimacy:  What it Really Means to Get Real with Jesus” This workshop will explore the theology of the Last Supper through scripture, literature, and film as a means of feeling true intimacy with God and by extension with one another. The Reverend Dana Corsello is thrilled beyond belief […]

Workshop Leader: Martha Bourlakas

Workshop Title: “Maw’s Homemade Applesauce, or What Our Meal Memories Teach Us About the Authentic Hospitality of Jesus Christ” Please come to this workshop hungry. Hungry for words. Hungry to share the significant meal memories of your life. Hungry to hear and connect with the stories of others. In sharing our stories about the meals […]

2018 Saturday Eucharist Pastor: Emily Scott

WomanKind2018 concludes Saturday afternoon with a celebration of Word and Table, led by Emily Scott. Emily is a Lutheran pastor (ELCA). Emily is committed to building communities of faith that dismantle fear and hate, affirm LGBTQ people, and confront racial injustice. From 2008-2017, Emily served as the founding pastor of St. Lydia’s, a Dinner Church in […]

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2018 Schedule and Workshops